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I'm 18, Swiftie for quite some time, time, time.

"I think with every celebrity story there has to be a “Yeah, but…” Take Beyonce: She’s incredibly talented, gorgeous, perfect role model for girls, empowering women all over the world. “Yeah but… let’s try to pick at her marriage.” I think every celebrity has that. And predominantly women, unfortunately."

An interviewer questioning Taylor Swift on why her dating habits are so focused on.  (via andthatlittleblackdress)

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Actual picture of taylorswift in 1989


I wonder what it feels like to have taylorswift to say your name I’d probably have a heart attack omg 

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"bad blood is even better than anyone could ever expect"

"bad blood is sassier than better than revenge"

"bad blood is going to kill katy perry"

"bad blood"


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